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Subject: Science (2)
Title: Where Do You Live?
Description: The students will create a layered lookbook, which displays recorded information that explains that living things do exist in different places. The students will create a multimedia project, which will retell information learned about living things in different places.  This lesson results from a collaboration between the Alabama State Department of Education and ASTA

Subject: English Language Arts (2), or Science (2)
Title: Lesson 1  If We Ran the Zoo:  How Do Animals Impact Our Environment?
Description: A brainstorming activity and class discussion will begin the lesson and provide the background knowledge students have regarding zoos and how the animals in zoos impact our environment. Students will select an animal for further research using an online survey created by the teacher to determine their research group. Afterward, students will view an informational video pertaining to the origin and purpose of zoos, and complete an exit slip stating new learning that has been added to their background knowledge. This lesson was created as part of the ALEX Interdisciplinary Resource Development Summit.

Subject: English Language Arts (2), or Science (2)
Title: Lesson 2- If We Ran the Zoo: How Do Animals Impact Our Environment? Research/Zoo Book
Description: The lesson will begin by reviewing the groups and animals assigned to each group. Students will begin working in their Zoo Booklets by discussing vocabulary that is associated with their animal. Students will use various types of text and other resources to find the information needed to learn more about their animal. Students will work cooperatively in groups to complete their animal research and complete their final project.  This lesson was created as part of the ALEX Interdisciplinary Resource Development Summit.

Subject: English Language Arts (K - 2), or Science (K - 2)
Title: Amazing Animal Adaptations for K-2
Description: This is a multi-session interactive lesson plan about animal adaptations for kindergarten through second grade students. The goal of this interactive digital lesson plan is to guide students through activities that help them understand how characteristics such as body covering, body parts, and behaviors help animals survive.  These lesson plans also build cooperation and communication skills for students. There are additional resources provided for the teacher to use before or after using the HyperDoc.  This Lesson Plan was created in partnership with the Birmingham Zoo.

Subject: Mathematics (1), or Science (2)
Title: Spiders: Are They Scary or Nice?
Description: Children often do not understand spiders because spiders look scary. In this lesson, students will graph spider preferences and record observations of spiders in a natural habitat. Students will research spider information using the Internet. Students will illustrate a vivarium for a spider habitat, including  five environmental characteristics.  This is a College- and Career-Ready Standards showcase lesson plan.