De-escalating Crisis Situations in School - Session 2 of 5

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This podcast is part of the series: De-escalating Crisis Situations in School

Multimedia Details Title: De-escalating Crisis Situations in School - Session 2 of 5
Creator: Robert Hudson and JoNell Comegys
Submitted By: JoNell Comegys, Informal Education Partner, Informal Education Partner

Glenwood Autism and Behavioral Health Center, Birmingham, AL


In this second of five videos targeting how to de-escalate a crisis situation in the school setting, we delve into the behind the scenes information.  In order to better understand crisis and how to de-escalate crisis situations it is helpful to identify things that could trigger a crisis situation.  As those triggers are identified, we then have the opportunity to address them or modify situations to minimize those triggers for students.  Also, we will talk about looking for the signs of anxiety that may precede acting out behavior of a student and how identifying these signs of anxiety can benefit you as you work with these stressed out students.  And, finally, in this session we will have a conversation about the "why" behind behavior.  At the completion of this session, we hope you can begin to recognize that crisis doesn't "just happen" and students (or others) don't "just behave that way" for no apparent reason.  As we begin to see the triggers and recognize the anxiety signs, we can intervene in a calm manner and teach coping skills that may be implemented by the student in the future.

Please contact Robert Hudson 205-410-1576 for more information.

This project was made possible through collaboration with the Alabama Department of Education, Special Education Services.

Length: 16:16
Content Areas: Professional Development
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