WATER you doing to help?

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This podcast is part of the series: Take Pride Statewide

Multimedia Details Title: WATER you doing to help?
Creator: Auntie Litter
Submitted By: Mindy Hutton, ,

Auntie Litter, Inc.


In this podcast from The Friends of Auntie Litter", Mr. Grody has found a new place to pitch his trash, tossing it into a nearby lake, but the Pollution Patrol appears promptly to stop him from polluting the water.  Auntie Litter accompanies the Patrol on a quest to convince Mr. Grody that water pollution can have extreme negative effects on all living things.  Once Auntie Litter explains how the water cycle works, Mr. Grody figures he'll go with the flow and wave good-bye to his murky past.  At the conclusion, the Pollution Patrol finds ways to prevent water pollution and conserve clean water.

Length: 14:45
Aligned to the following ALEX lesson plan: WATER you doing to help?
Content Areas: Science, Social Studies
Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments: