Training for Room Supervisor for QualityCore Paper Pencil

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This podcast is part of the series: QualityCore Trainings

Multimedia Details Title: Training for Room Supervisor for QualityCore Paper Pencil
Creator: Rebecca Mims
Submitted By: Nannette Pence, Alabama Department of Education, Alabama Department of Education

Alabama State Department of Education, Student Assessment


The is podcast is a training tool for administering the QualityCore assessments.

Length: 17:33
Content Areas: Professional Development
Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

AQTS_2.E.12: Assessment [Ability to interpret and use reports from state assessments and results of other assessments to design both group and individual learning experiences.]
AQTS_2.E.3: Assessment [Knowledge of measurement-related issues such as validity, reliability, norms, bias, scoring concerns, and ethical uses of tests and test results.]
AQTS_2.E.4: Assessment [Knowledge of current Alabama assessment requirements and procedures.]
ASIL_6.1: [Ability to implement a plan for the use of technology, telecommunications, and information systems to enrich curriculum, instruction, and assessment]
ASIL_8.1: [Knowledge and ability to adhere to a professional code of ethics and values]
ASIL_8.4: [Knowledge to understand ethical and legal concerns educators face when using technology throughout the teaching and learning environment]
ASIL_8.7: [Ability to make decisions within an ethical context]