Tune in to Neptune

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Multimedia Details Title: Tune in to Neptune
Creator: Brooklin and Colby
Submitted By: Rose Gardner, Fairhope High School, Baldwin County

Fairhope High


This podcast is designed to help others understand the make up of Neptune, which will also inform them about how our own planet might have formed.  By learning more about the other planets in our solar system we can begin to realize the special characteristics of our own precious planet.

Length: 04:08
Content Areas: Science
Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

National/Other Standards:
Earth and Space Elective
5.) Discuss various theories for the origin, formation, and changing nature of the universe and our solar system.
• Explaining the nebular hypothesis for formation of planets, the big bang theory, and the steady state theory

 Relating Hubble's law to the concept of an ever-expanding universe