E. R. Dickson is Recycling

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Multimedia Details Title: E. R. Dickson is Recycling
Creator: Created by Mrs. Lisa Morris Speaker:  Mrs. Jennifer Burris
Submitted By: Lisa Molyneux, Cora Castlen Elementary, Mobile County

E. R. Dickson Elementary School-Mobile County School System


This podcast shows how E. R. Dickson has taken on the Earth Day Challenge and how we are getting involved in recycling. E. R. Dickson has become involved with recycling in many different forms.  We are recycling aluminum cans, plastic bottles and paper.  We are also recycling chip bags and Capri Sun drink pouches.  All of these items are collected, cleaned, and delivered to the local recycling center.  The school receives money back for recycling these items.


Length: 03:47
Aligned to the following ALEX lesson plan: E. R. Dickson is Recycling
Content Areas: Science
Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

National/Other Standards:

Science K-1 Standard 10