Every Student a Graduate

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Multimedia Details Title: Every Student a Graduate
Submitted By: Keith George, Alabama Department of Education, Alabama Department of Education

Leadership and Evaluation Unit, Alabama Department of Education


The dropout rate is a silent epidemic that is undermining the economic and social stability of our nation, state, and local community. More than 1.2 million students dropout annually leaving them with far fewer employment opportunities and options to support themselves and their families. In Alabama, citizens pay a high price for dropouts. Had Alabama's high school dropout Class of 2008 graduated with their class, they would earn more than $6.4 billion in lifetime income. This amount does not include the cost of Medicare, incarceration, welfare, and other tax-based programs and services that dropouts will likely need. Dropouts face the harsh reality that they are unequipped with the skills required of the 21st century workforce, thus leaving them with increasingly fewer employment opportunities than past decades. However, promise lies in the fact that most of the reasons why students drop out are school related factors which provides an opportunity for educators to impact the problem by improving upon their current practice. This video brings awareness to Alabama's economic imperative to ensure that EVERY student graduates college and/or career ready, and it provides the platform for discourse about dropout prevention.

Length: 04:44
Content Areas: Professional Development
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For information concerning instructional leadership programs as they relate to dropout prevention contact Dr. Angela Mangum in the Leadership and Evaluation Unit of the Alabama Department of Education via email at amangum@alsde.edu or by telephone at 334-353-9251.

For information concerning dropout prevention initiatives contact Dr. Kay Atchison Warfield in the Prevention and Support Section of the Alabama Department of Education via email at kaw@alsde.edu or by telephone at 334-242-8165.