BCRI Oral History- An Interview with Frank Dukes

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This podcast is part of the series: BCRI Oral History Project

Multimedia Details Title: BCRI Oral History- An Interview with Frank Dukes
Creator: Frank Dukes and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
Submitted By: Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Informal Education Partner, Informal Education Partner

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute


Reverend Frank Dukes was born in the Birmingham suburb of Fairfield in 1930, where he also attended public schools. After military service in the Korean War and time spent working in automobile plants in Detroit, Dukes returned to Birmingham and enrolled in Miles College. As student government president at Miles, Dukes encouraged other students to get involved in the local movement for change in segregation laws and customs.

Listen to Frank Dukes discuss the Selective Buying Campaign, a tactic championed and organized by local college students and administrators in Birmingham in the early 1960s.

Length: 1:46
Content Areas: Social Studies
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