BCRI Oral History- An Interview with Emma Young

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This podcast is part of the series: BCRI Oral History

Multimedia Details Title: BCRI Oral History- An Interview with Emma Young
Creator: Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
Submitted By: Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Informal Education Partner, Informal Education Partner

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute


Emma Young was born in Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama in 1902.  She moved to Birmingham as a young married woman.  While in Birmingham, she worked as a housewife in her own home, and as a domestic in the homes of White families.  In addition, she worked as a cook and maid at downtown hotels.
When Martin Luther King, Jr. came to Birmingham to assist the local Civil Rights Movement, Young was active in the movement with her children and grandchildren.  She attended mass meetings and demonstrations, and her son, grandson, and granddaughter were jailed. Mrs. Young passed away at the age of 102. 
Listen to Emma Young relay the story of an encounter between Birmingham police commissioner, Bull Conner, and a group of rabbis who had traveled to Birmingham in 1963 to observe the movement and support the efforts of local Blacks working to end segregation's grip on the city. 

Length: 02:03
Content Areas: Social Studies
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