Demonstration Lesson- Dealing with Coins Part 2

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Multimedia Details Title: Demonstration Lesson- Dealing with Coins Part 2
Creator: Taylor Ross
Submitted By: Tony Thacker, ,

Governors Commission on Quality Teaching in cooperation with Brighton Middle School, Jefferson County Schools


The majority of this video examines the teacher's work with individuals in their small groups. Group tasks are differentiated based on student need. The video ends with a whole class review of coin values and related mathematical concepts.

To download the entire video in a format that can be presented to a large group, right-click on the link below and select Save Target As. Please be aware that this is a large file and may require an extended download time.

Download the Dealing with Coins Lesson.


Length: 12:55
Content Areas: Math, Professional Development
Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments: