School Improvement Overview- Introduction

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Multimedia Details Title: School Improvement Overview- Introduction
Creator: Alabama State Department of Education
Submitted By: Clarissa Barrett, ,

Alabama State Department of Education, Federal Programs


During this presentation, viewers will receive the outcomes for the session, be introduced to the Alabama documents that guide accountability support, and become familiar with the progression for AYP status. AYP status progression is described from the school and district perspectives.

Contact Information:

For information concerning the School Improvement process contact Dr. Catherliene Williamson, School Improvement Coordinator at 334-353-5190 or by email at 

Additional contacts:

For information concerning the School Improvement Instruction and Support Team or the 1003(g) School Improvement Grant contact Ann Allison, Education Adminstrator at 334-353-5190 or by email at

For information concerning the School Improvement process you can also contact Calvin Vance, Education Specialist at 334-242-51819990 or by email at

Length: 06:57
Content Areas: Professional Development
Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments: