The New South: A Political View

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This podcast is part of the series: ArchiTreats: Food for Thought

Multimedia Details Title: The New South: A Political View
Creator: Samuel L. Webb
Submitted By: Alabama Department of Archives and Histo, Informal Education Partner, Informal Education Partner

Alabama Department of Archives and History


ArchiTreats: Food for Thought celebrates the Year of Alabama History through a series of sequential lectures in Alabama history by leading experts in the field. Join us as Samuel L. Webb presents The New South: A Political View. This presentation will be held at the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

Thomas Goode Jones, B.B. Comer, Charles Henderson, Thomas Kilby – we’ve all seen these names on buildings across Alabama. But who were these men and why were they important? In this program Webb will discuss major events, significant men and women, and important economic and social movements that had an important impact on Alabama politics between the end of Reconstruction and the beginning of the Great Depression. The fortunes of Alabama’s Democratic Party, the various factions that dominated its councils, and the dissenters who dared to challenge its control of the state will constitute a major portion of the discussion. Webb was born and grew up in York, Alabama, graduated from Sumter County High School, earned a bachelor’s degree from Livingston University, a law degree from the University of Alabama School of Law, a master’s in history from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, and a Ph. D. in history from the University of Arkansas. He was an assistant state attorney general, deputy district attorney in Jefferson County, an attorney in private practice for three years, and spent four years lobbying the legislature for the University of South Alabama. For the last twenty-one years Webb has taught history at UAB. He is the author of Two-Party Politics in the One-Party South: Alabama’s Hill Country 1874-1920, co-editor of Alabama Governors: A Political History of the State, and has published articles in numerous journals on Alabama’s political history.

This ArchiTreats presentation is made possible by the Friends of the Alabama Archives and a grant from the Alabama Humanities Foundation, a state program of the National Endowment for the Humanities. The public is invited to bring a sack lunch and enjoy a bit of Alabama history. Coffee and tea will be provided by the Friends of the Alabama Archives. For more information, call (334) 353-4712.

Length: 55:19
Content Areas: Social Studies
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