Let's Make Ten

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Multimedia Details Title: Let's Make Ten
Creator: Mrs. SteeleĀ  Mrs. Brewer First Grade Class
Submitted By: Leanne Steele, Gadsden City Board Of Education, Gadsden City

Walnut Park Elementary

Gadsden City Schools


In this activity, students practice determining different ways to make 10. They work together as partners and roll dice to determine the numbers they work with. They have to evaluate their numbers rolled to find a way to make a total of 10. They color in their bars to represent the numbers they rolled. A number sentence is composed and then they move on to the next roll. Once the activity is complete, a whole group discussion takes place and all the combinations that the students found are listed on the board.

Length: 2:27
Content Areas: Math
Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments: