Special Report: Wetumpka Impact Crater

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Multimedia Details Title: Special Report: Wetumpka Impact Crater
Creator: Student Reporters: Kaylyn, Adrienne, Ashley & Haley
Submitted By: Julie Powell, Elmore County High School, Elmore County

Elmore County High School, Elmore County School District


This podcast is a four minute news segment from the fictional WETU Channel 4 News. The "Special Report" highlights the impact crater that was formed over 83 million years ago when an asteroid slammed into the area now known as Wetumpka, Alabama. The news segment includes field reporting from the Wetumpka Impact Crater historical marker, from the western rim of the crater, and from Auburn University. At Auburn University, a student reporter interviews Dr. David King, Professor of Geology, who has researched the crater extensively. Dr. King explains the devastation that was caused by the impact as well as how he was able to prove the crater was caused by a meteor or asteroid through the discovery of shocked quartz.

Length: 3:58
Content Areas: Science
Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments: