How to Create a Chart in Microsoft Excel

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Multimedia Details Title: How to Create a Chart in Microsoft Excel
Creator: Dr. Kellie A. Shumack
Submitted By: Kellie Shumack, ,

Auburn University Montgomery


This podcast shows how to create and edit a chart (graph) using Microsoft Excel 2010. 

Length: 8:02
Content Areas: Career and Technical Education, Technology Education, Professional Development
Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:
TC2 (K-2)
6. Identify uses of technology systems in daily living.
TC2 (K-2)
9. Identify digital tools used for problem solving.
Examples: spell check, digital graphic organizers, electronic drawing programs, simulation software
TC2 (3-5)
9. Use technology tools to organize, interpret, and display data.
Examples: spreadsheets, databases, electronic graphing tools
TC2 (6-8)
5. Use basic features of word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation software.
Examples: word processing—reports, letters, brochures
spreadsheets—discovering patterns, tracking spending, creating budgets
databases—contact list of addresses and telephone numbers
presentation software—slideshow
TC2 (9-12) Computer Applications
5. Utilize advanced features of spreadsheet software, including creating charts and graphs, sorting and filtering data, creating formulas, and applying functions.

AQTS_4.D.2: Learning Styles [Knowledge of a range of curricular materials and technologies to support the cognitive development of diverse learners.]
ASIL_6.4: [Ability to model the use of technology for personal and professional productivity]
ASIL_6.5: [Ability to develop an effective teacher professional development plan to increase technology usage to support curriculum-based integration practices]
ASIL_6.6: [Ability to promote the effective integration of technology throughout the teaching and learning environment]
ASIL_6.7: [Knowledge to increase access to educational technologies for the school]
ASIL_6.8: [Ability to provide support for teachers to increase the use of technology already in the school/classrooms]
ASIL_6.9: [Ability to use technology to support the analysis and use of student assessment data]