Stop Bullying

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Multimedia Details Title: Stop Bullying
Creator: Wilson H.S. 7th science students--Jake, Hayden, Jacob, and Dakota; Song Artist--Jay Farnham&
Submitted By: Laura Franks, Lauderdale County Board Of Education, Lauderdale County

7th grade science class - Mrs. Laura McFall Franks

Jr. Computer Lab - Mrs. Ashley Robison

Wilson High School, Lauderdale County School District



"Stop Bullying" is a three minute podcast illustrating an example of physical bullying, and how a person can prevent or solve the problem.   It was created, produced, and edited by 7th grade science students.

Length: 02:19
Content Areas: Stop Bullying Now
Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:
HUM (7) Teen Discoveries
6. Compare positive and negative peer pressure.
Examples: positive—involving friends in community service, tutoring peers
negative—bullying, teasing, gossiping
  • Determining causes of teen conflict
  • HE1 (2)
    8. Explain ways that bullying and excessive teasing can be hurtful.
  • Comparing positive and negative ways to respond to conflict
  • Examples: taking responsibility for personal behavior instead of blaming others, talking instead of hitting, waiting turn instead of interrupting
    HE1 (5)
    8. Explain prevention and intervention techniques related to bullying.
    HE1 (7)
    7. Demonstrate decision-making skills as they relate to situations involving health risks.
    Examples: responding appropriately to sexual harassment, avoiding physical conflict, objecting to verbal and physical bullying, avoiding inappropriate electronic communication