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This podcast is part of the series: Quick Picks for Teachers

Multimedia Details Title: ToonDoo
Creator: ToonDoo - Brochure Narrated by: Patricia A. Gann
Submitted By: Pat Gann, Moody Junior High School, St Clair County

Moody Jr. High School

St. Clair County Schools


ToonDoo is an easy-to-use comic and comic book creation tool with loads of built in clipart and other creative features.  For example, students can make a cartoon character to exemplify themselves so that they could be the hero or villain in a story or play they have written themselves.  This is a great tool for language arts and English teachers to help students with creative writing.  Students love cartoons, and her they have a vast array of characters and locations in which to let their imagination take them on a journey.

Length: 11:47
Content Areas: Professional Development
Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

National/Other Standards:

Nets for Teachers 2008

2. Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments

Teachers design, develop, and evaluate authentic learning experiences and assessment incorporating contemporary tools and resources to maximize content learning in context and to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes identified in the NETS•S. Teachers:


design or adapt relevant learning experiences that incorporate digital tools and resources to promote student learning and creativity.

b. develop technology-enriched learning environments that enable all students to pursue their individual curiosities and become active participants in setting their own educational goals, managing their own learning, and assessing their own progress.
c. customize and personalize learning activities to address students' diverse learning styles, working strategies, and abilities using digital tools and resources.

provide students with multiple and varied formative and summative assessments aligned with content and technology standards and use resulting data to inform learning and teaching