Access Database Reports

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This podcast is part of the series: Database Basics

Multimedia Details Title: Access Database Reports
Creator: Tina Hancock, Instructor
Submitted By: Tina Hancock, Scottsboro Junior High School, Scottsboro City

Scottsboro Junior High School, Scottsboro City Schools


This podcast was created to demonstrate how to create a Microsoft Access Database Report and the different ways to create and manipulate the report. An Access Report can be created from a table or a query and this podcast demonstrates both.

Length: 3:46
Content Areas: Career and Technical Education, Technology Education
Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:
BMA (7-8) Computer Essentials
6. Create a database file.
Examples: tables, reports, forms, queries
BMA (9-12) Business Technology Applications
7. Utilize advanced features of database software, including sorting, filtering, querying and merging data, and creating reports.
  • Organizing database content using formatting, editing, and records tools

  • AQTS_3.D.1: Technology [Knowledge of available and emerging technologies that support the learning of all students.]
    AQTS_3.D.2: Technology [Knowledge of the wide range of technologies that support and enhance instruction, including classroom and school resources as well as distance learning and online learning opportunities.]
    AQTS_3.D.3: Technology [Ability to integrate technology into the teaching of all content areas.]
    AQTS_3.D.5: Technology [Ability to use technology to assess student progress and manage records.]