Britannica Online School Edition:  Science Learning Materials

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Multimedia Details Title: Britannica Online School Edition:  Science Learning Materials
Creator: Stacy Chancellor Joana Tew
Submitted By: Stacy Chancellor, Wetumpka Middle School, Elmore County

Wetumpka Middle School, Elmore County School System/ Alabama Virtual Library


Using the Britannica Online School Edition database, a part of the Alabama Virtual Library, to explore the Science learning materials available.

Length: 2:41
Content Areas: Science, Technology Education, Professional Development
Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:
SC (7)
1. Describe characteristics common to living things, including growth and development, reproduction, cellular organization, use of energy, exchange of gases, and response to the environment.
  • Identifying homeostasis as the process by which an organism responds to its internal or external environment
  • Predicting how an organism's behavior impacts the environment
  • Identifying unicellular organisms, including bacteria and protists, by their methods of locomotion, reproduction, ingestion, excretion, and effects on other organisms
  • Identifying the structure of a virus
  • SC (7)
    3. Relate major tissues and organs of the skeletal, circulatory, reproductive, muscular, respiratory, nervous, and digestive systems to their functions.
  • Arranging in order the organizational levels of the human body from the cell through organ systems

  • AQTS_1.B.1: Curriculum [Knowledge of the content standards and of the scope and sequence of the subject areas of one's teaching fields as defined in the Alabama courses of study for those teaching fields.]