Creating a Multimedia Timeline

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Multimedia Details Title: Creating a Multimedia Timeline
Creator: Stacy Chancellor Joana Tew
Submitted By: Joana Tew, Elmore County Board Of Education, Elmore County

Wetumpka Middle School, Elmore County/ Alabama Virtual Library


This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Britannica Learning Zone Creating a Timeline tool. This tool allows the user to add pictures, audio, and video from Britannica resources.

Length: 3:38
Content Areas: Math, Science, English/Language Arts, Social Studies
Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:
SS2010 (8) World History to 1500
7. Describe the widespread impact of the Roman Empire.
Example: spread of Roman law and political theory, citizenship and slavery, architecture and engineering, religions, sculptures and paintings, literature, and the Latin language
  • Tracing important aspects of the diffusion of Christianity, including its relationship to Judaism, missionary impulse, organizational development, transition from persecution to acceptance in the Roman Empire, and church doctrine
  • Explaining the role of economics, societal changes, Christianity, political and military problems, external factors, and the size and diversity of the Roman Empire in its decline and fall
  • SS2010 (8) World History to 1500
    10. Trace the development of the early Russian state and the expansion of its trade systems.
    Examples: rise of Kiev and Muscovy, conversion to Orthodox Christianity, movement of peoples of Central Asia, Mongol conquest, rise of czars