The Three Branches of Government

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This podcast is part of the series: Mr. Strickland's Citizenship Fundamentals

Multimedia Details Title: The Three Branches of Government
Creator: Jerry D. Strickland
Submitted By: Jerry Strickland, Birmingham City Board Of Education, Birmingham City

Wilkerson Middle School; Birmingham City Schools


This podcast is the first in a series covering the three branches of government.  It provides a basic understanding of the three branches and their related Articles.  It uses pictures, music, and humor to give a definition of each of the three branches.  Future episodes in the series will deal with separation of powers, checks and balances, and specific powers of each branch.

Length: 02:33
Content Areas: Social Studies
Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

National/Other Standards:


How Does the Government Established by the Constitution Embody the Purposes, Values, and Principles of American Democracy?

How are power and responsibility distributed, shared, and limited in the government established by the United States Constitution?

What does the national government do?

How are state and local governments organized and what do they do?

Who represents you in local, state, and national governments?

What is the place of law in the American constitutional system?

How does the American political system provide for choice and opportunities for participation?