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This podcast is part of the series: Quick Picks for Teachers

Multimedia Details Title: 4 Teachers - TrackStar
Creator:  Patricia A. Gann
Submitted By: Pat Gann, Moody Junior High School, St Clair County

Moody Jr. High School, St. Clair County Schools


4 Teachers work to help you integrate technology into your classroom by offering online tools and resources. The tool selected for this lesson is TrackStar. This site helps teachers locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, games, quizzes, and other fun methods of teaching by compiling useful information into one site for the teacher.  The teacher can then assign one section or all sections to be done during a certain period of time, teaching time management skills.  Multitudes of situations can be used with these sites, including practice for the lower achievers, or more intense work for the gifted learner. 

Length: 14:23
Content Areas: Professional Development
Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments: