Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I tried to confirm my account setup from the email I received, but it wouldn’t take me to the confirm web page like it said it would.
Answer: If you receive an error message simply copy the ENTIRE URL from the email and paste it into your browser Address/Location box, then click the Go button or press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Question: I created an account but I never received the confirmation email from ALEX.
Answer: Some school email servers block the ALEX confirmation email because it is mis-identified as spam. If you do not receive a confirmation email within two days sent to the email account you gave when you registered with ALEX, send an email to from the same email address used to register your account. Your account will be manually confirmed and you will be notified your ALEX account is ready to be used.

Question: I’ve forgotten my ALEX password! How can I retrieve it?
Answer: Go to the ALEX home page and click the "Login" link. Click the "Forget your password?" link at the bottom of the next page. Read the info at the top, enter the username and email address of your ALEX account, then click the "Send Confirmation" button. A temporary password will be emailed to the address on your account. With it you can log in and change your password to whatever you wish.

Question: How can I change my ALEX password?
Answer: Click the "Login" link in the upper, left-hand area of the ALEX home page. Click the "Change password" link at the bottom of this page. Enter your username and the old password. Then enter the new password, then reenter new password to confirm. Click the "Change my password" button.

Question: Do I have to set up an account in order to use ALEX?
Answer: No. You may use most of the functions of ALEX without an account. You can search the Courses of Study or view lesson plans, web resources, and other instructional materials without setting up an account. In order to access your personal workspace, create lesson plans, or submit web resources to the ALEX database, you must have an account.

Question: I think I submitted my ALEX lesson plan to be reviewed for posting on ALEX. How can I tell for sure that it was received?
Answer: Look on your personal workspace. If the title of the lesson plan you intended to submit is listed next to the heading, “Submitted for Approval,” then you will know your lesson plan has been entered into the review process. If your lesson plan is still listed next to the heading, “Current Plans,” then you need to click the “Submit” link next to the lesson plan title. If you have already clicked the Submit link, refresh the page in your web browser. If the lesson plan title still does not move to the “Submitted for Approval” heading, consult the “ALEX Troubleshooting” help file for further suggestions. If you cannot resolve the problem, send an email to explaining the problem and you will be contacted for assistance.

Question: How will I know if the lesson plan I submitted to ALEX is accepted?
Answer: You will receive an email from the ALEX lesson plan reviewer asking for any needed revisions. OR you will receive an email from the ALEX administrator informing you of the acceptance of your lesson plan.

Question: I submitted a lesson plan to ALEX a while back but I haven’t received any feedback. What is the holdup?
Answer: Once your lesson plan is received it is reviewed in a three-step process. This is done in order to ensure that ALEX posts only high-quality lesson plans. In the first phase of the process, you may be contacted through email by the initial reviewer and asked for additional information, clarification, or other edits. The second and third steps of the process involve review and approval by content specialists. Reviewers often spend a good bit of time working with submitters to help them revise and polish a lesson plan until it is worthy of approval for ALEX. While this does cause the review process to take longer than we might wish, it allows a fairer review and ultimately provides more lesson plans to ALEX users.

Question: My school or school system has changed since I set up my ALEX account. How can I update it in the ALEX account database?
Answer: Log in normally and click the "Personal Workspace" link in the button bar on the left side of the main page. Once you are in your Personal Workspace, click on the link at the top, right of the page that says "Click here to update profile." You may change your school or system/organization name here. Click on the “Update” button to save changes. (You may have to click the "Update" button after each change in order for the changes to be saved. This anomaly will be corrected in a future ALEX update.)

Question: How can I change the email address on my ALEX account?
Answer: Click the "Login" link in the upper, left-hand area of the ALEX home page. Click the "Change email address" link at the bottom of this page. Enter your username and password. Enter the new email address. Click the "Send my confirmation" button. You will receive an email at the new address from the ALEX administrator. You must open the email and click on the link within that email to confirm the new email address. If you receive an error message simply copy the ENTIRE URL and paste it into your browser Address/Location box.