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New Website!

Thinkfinity’s new look is bright and exciting! As an educator, you may wish to click on theEducator tab from the main Thinkfinity page. Here you will find an immediate link to the Search engine (which searches only Thinkfinity resources—original lesson plans and student interactives and recommended Web sites). You’ll also find the new Thinkfinity Calendar, several highlighted lessons or activities, and a list of the latest resources which have been added. If you want to browse through a particular Content Partner, please click on the link from the Educator page to Content Partners.

Alabama’s & Thinkfinity’s National Partners

Since 1998, Alabama has maintained a viable, rich statewide partnership with  Although the name has changed over the years,, through the Verizon Foundation, has continued their support for Alabama educators through several generous grants. These grants support an active, dynamic training program.  In addition to funding, shares its 55,000+ resources with Alabama to link directly from the Alabama Courses of Study from Alabama’s partnership web portal, ALEX. These incredible partners are listed to your right.

Thinkfinity draws upon the strength of these content partners, who produce a wealth of discipline-specific, standards-based educational resources which have been correlated to Alabama standards. Click here for more information on the standards alignment of Thinkfinity resources.

Thinkfinity is a collaborative project between several national and international educational institutions and the Verizon Foundation. There are two major aspects to this project: a free Web site that provides materials for educators and a free training program that is implemented locally by state-based partners.

Each of the Web sites provide original, high-quality, standards-based lesson plans, many of which include student interactive programs. The sites also provide links to recommended Web sites for educators which have been reviewed for content, readability, reliability, and other important features.

Training for Trainers

For ten years, many thousands of educators in Alabama have been trained to be Thinkfinity Field Trainers and End Users.  Thanks to a generous grant from the Verizon Foundation, Alabama has also developed our own cadre of Certified Trainers who are specially trained in the new paradigm and then will train other Field Trainers throughout the state. These are educators who have completed extensive training with Thinkfinity and have a strong knowledge of all the Thinkfinity and ALEX resources. These Certified Trainers are an elite group of trainers called A.C.E. Trainers (ALEX Certification of Excellence). If you would like to become an A.C.E. trainer learn more here.  To apply to be a trainer, complete this application. You will then be contacted when a training is scheduled.

Training for Your School

If you would like to have your teachers receive training in ALEX/Thinkfinity resources, contact the ALEX Team at 334-242-9594 or; or schedule a Technology in Motion Trainer in your region.