Courses of Study: Physical Education

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Physical Education, Grade K, 2009

1.) Travel while changing direction, speed, and pathways to avoid contact with peers.

Examples: traveling in general space slowly and quickly and over objects; traveling under, around, and through obstacles

2.) Use correct form while marching and walking.

3.) Demonstrate the nonlocomotor skills of bending, stretching, twisting, turning, rocking, and swaying.

4.) Demonstrate throwing and catching skills by throwing a ball overhand and underhand and catching a tossed ball before it bounces twice.

5.) Demonstrate individual rope-jumping skills by jumping over a rope lying on the floor, jumping over a swinging rope, and jumping a single rope five consecutive times.

6.) Move rhythmically to even and uneven beats in creative dance, aerobic exercises, movement songs, and simple dances.

7.) Demonstrate body control skills by balancing on multiple body parts, rolling sideways without hesitation, and landing with control from a jump.

8.) Combine fundamental movement skills and concepts in simple games.

Examples: walking, marching, galloping in personal and general space

9.) Apply movement vocabulary to fundamental skills upon teacher direction.

Examples: personal space, general space, hop, jump, march, walk

10.) Apply physical education class rules and procedures for starting and stopping, adhering to safety requirements, using equipment, and entering and exiting an activity.

11.) Demonstrate willingness to play with a diverse range of students using sharing skills with equipment and working cooperatively with peers.

12.) Demonstrate respect for classmates by playing without interfering with others and interacting appropriately with peers.

13.) Describe benefits of regular participation in physical activities.

Example: developing a healthier body

14.) Describe the location and function of the heart and lungs.

15.) Identify appropriate footwear and clothing for participation in physical activities.