Courses of Study: Credit Recovery Science

Credit Recovery Science, Grade K, 2005

1.) Classify objects as solids or liquids.

2.) Identify the sun as Earth's source of light and heat.

•  Predicting the effect of the sun on living and nonliving things
•  Identifying relationships between light and shadows
•  Predicting the occurrence of shadows
3.) Relate a variety of sounds to their sources, including weather, animal, and transportation sounds.


- weather—thunder,

- animal—dog bark,

- transportation—truck horn

4.) Identify properties of motion, including change of position and change of speed.

5.) Predict whether an object will be attracted by a magnet.

6.) Compare size, shape, structure, and basic needs of living things.

•  Identifying similarities of offspring and their parents
7.) Classify objects using the five senses.

•  Grouping objects according to color, shape, size, sound, taste, smell, texture, and temperature
8.) Identify features of Earth as landmasses or bodies of water.

9.) Identify seasons of the year.

•  Describing seasonal changes in the weather
10.) Identify objects observed in the day sky with the unaided eye, including the sun, clouds, moon, and rainbows.