Courses of Study: Physical Education

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Physical Education, Grade 1, 2009

1.) Demonstrate jumping and landing skills by using one- and two-foot takeoff methods, balancing at varying levels on multiple body parts, and forming bridges using different body parts.

Example: balancing on one foot and two hands in an asymmetrical position

2.) Apply varied effort and pathways to running, jumping, and throwing.

3.) Demonstrate nonlocomotor skills, including pushing and pulling.

4.) Demonstrate manipulative skills by catching a bounced ball with hands, volleying a soft object, kicking a stationary object, and throwing a ball underhand with two hands.

5.) Apply rhythmic movement to games, activities, and dances.

Example: combining traveling patterns in time to music

6.) Perform individual and partner stunts.

Examples: animal walks, forward roll, single-leg balances, heel click

7.) Demonstrate manipulative and traveling skills in game situations.

8.) Apply movement vocabulary to fundamental movement skills.

Examples: standing side-by-side; moving over or under, around, or through objects

9.) Identify cue words and terms associated with throwing, catching, running, and kicking.

10.) Determine speed and type of movement based on rhythmic beat.

Examples: skipping more quickly or slowly to varying drum beats, dramatizing emotions evoked by the mood of a piece of music

11.) Explain the importance of empathy for feelings, concerns, and limitations of peers.

Examples: explaining the importance of being part of a group; helping others cope with tragedy, home life changes, or limited physical or medical conditions

12.) Demonstrate responsibility and cooperative skills in physical activity settings by helping peers, assisting the teacher, and sharing space and equipment.

13.) Identify exercises that improve flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, and body composition.

14.) Explain differences between active and inactive lifestyles.

15.) Explain effects of smoking, lack of sleep, and poor dietary habits on health and physical performance.