Courses of Study: Physical Education

Physical Education, Grade 4, 2009

1.) Demonstrate correct form while leaping.

2.) Demonstrate throwing, striking, and kicking skills by throwing overhand for distance and accuracy, striking with short and long implements, and kicking while approaching a moving object.

3.) Demonstrate short- and long-rope jumping skills, including individual and partner jumping techniques.

Examples: bell, skier, twister

4.) Perform multicultural rhythmic dances, including introductory square dance.

Examples: basic tinikling steps, aerobics, popular dances

5.) Demonstrate gymnastic skills while maintaining proper body alignment by transitioning smoothly between sequences and balancing with control on apparatus.

Examples: walking on a balance beam, transitioning from a right foot balance to a left balance while standing on a poly spot

6.) Apply specialized sport skills in combination with fundamental movement skills in game situations.

Example: passing a soccer ball to a team member while running down the field

7.) Create appropriate physical education activities, including cooperative tasks, group challenges, and games.

8.) Identify cue words and terms associated with leaping, striking, and kicking.

9.) Identify formations and steps associated with dance.


- dance—square, line

- steps—grapevine, do-si-do

10.) Demonstrate positive changes in performance based on peer and teacher evaluations.

11.) List consequences of compliance and noncompliance with rules and regulations while participating in physical activities and games.

12.) Explain outcomes of positive verses negative responses to classmates when winning or losing.

13.) Analyze varying intensities of exercise for effect on heart rate using manual pulse-checking or heart-rate monitors.

14.) Identify devices used to measure cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, body composition, and flexibility.

Examples: heart rate monitor, skinfold caliper, sit-and-reach box, pull-up bar

15.) Describe relationships among food intake, physical activity, and weight maintenance.