Courses of Study: Physical Education

Physical Education, Grade 6, 2009

1.) Demonstrate rope-jumping and original dance routines that incorporate varying lengths, skill sequences, and musical accompaniments.

2.) Combine a variety of skills into sequenced routines.

Example: combining traveling, rolling, balancing, and transferring weight into smooth sequences while altering speed, direction, and flow

•  Integrating fundamental movement and specialized skills into student-choreographed routines
Example: rhythmic, gymnastic, ball, and jump routines

3.) Demonstrate dribbling, shooting, and striking skills.

Examples: dribbling to avoid the ball being stolen, shooting with consistency and correct form, striking for direction and height

4.) Demonstrate forehand and backhand striking skills.

Examples: using forehand and overhand clear in badminton, using forehand and backhand stroke in tennis

5.) Identify rules and regulations for a variety of sports and lifetime activities.

6.) Explain the importance of repetition and practice as a means for skill improvement.

7.) Modify physical activities, games, and sports to meet specified criteria.

Example: modification of games for personal enjoyment

8.) Explain sport-specific etiquette and good sportsmanship for team, individual, and dual sports.

9.) Demonstrate positive social interactions in situations that include members of different genders, cultures, ethnicities, abilities, and disabilities.

10.) Describe progress toward achieving personal fitness goals for each of the health-related fitness components.

Example: tracking progress on personal logs

11.) Analyze exercise and heart rate data to determine adjustments to health fitness plans.

12.) Identify possible injuries resulting from improper exercise routines.

•  Demonstrating proper warm-up and cool-down techniques
13.) Describe the structure and function of the muscular and skeletal systems as they relate to physical performance.

Examples: muscles pulling on bones causing movement, muscles working in pairs, muscles working by contracting and relaxing