Courses of Study: Physical Education

Physical Education, Grade 7, 2009

1.) Apply coordinated movements, strategies, and rules to achieve success in a variety of sports and activities.

2.) Demonstrate strategic positioning for offense and defense in game situations.

Examples: staying between opponent and goal, moving between opponent and ball

3.) Demonstrate dances used for social and recreational enjoyment and physical fitness enhancement.

4.) Demonstrate a sequence of balancing skills by traveling on apparatus while working cooperatively with a partner to create a balance sequence.

Examples: balancing on mats, walking a line on the floor

5.) Demonstrate relaxation and stress reduction exercises.

6.) Demonstrate offensive skills, including pick, fake, and screen, for a variety of team sports.

7.) Identify appropriate drills and repetitions to improve performance.

Example: using nondominant hand or foot

8.) Describe the concept of effort as it relates to improvement of skill execution.

Example: slowing or accelerating skill execution to increase success

9.) Analyze peer skill performance for efficiency in sport and recreational activities.

10.) Explain differences between legal and illegal behaviors in sports.

Examples: National Collegiate Athletic Association rules, Alabama High School Athletic Association rules

11.) Apply methods for communicating with confrontational opponents.

•  Practicing social courtesies in group activities
12.) Demonstrate elements, including sport competency, literacy, and enthusiasm, needed to accomplish a team goal in competitive and cooperative environments.

Examples: remaining on task in a group activity, applying problem-solving skills, practicing safety procedures

13.) Identify factors that can be manipulated to achieve an overload in muscular strength and cardiorespiratory endurance.


- muscular strength—repetitions, sets, recovery time

- cardiorespiratory endurance—frequency, intensity, time, type

14.) Explain correlations among nutrition, exercise, and rest in the development of a healthy lifestyle.