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Architecture and Construction, Grade 9 - 12, Advanced Architectural Design, 2009

1.) Create a fireplace section and elevation with labels, notes, and dimensions.

•  Identifying the components of a masonry fireplace and chimney
2.) Prepare a residential presentation drawing.

•  Using various types of presentation drawings
Examples: pictorial, three-dimensional

•  Identifying methods of presentation
3.) Prepare material specification sheets for a residential home design.

•  Determining construction specifications for a residential home design
•  Identifying factors that influence specific requirements of home construction
4.) Demonstrate the application of national building codes to residential design.

•  Explaining the effect of codes on exit facilities, light, ventilation, and sanitation requirements
•  Explaining the effect of codes on handicap requirements and room dimensions
5.) Draw plans to illustrate basic commercial building types.

•  Identifying common types of commercial drawings
•  Describing how building codes relate to commercial structures