Courses of Study

Architecture and Construction, Grade 9 - 12, Structural Drafting, 2009

1.) Relate the importance of structural steel detailing to the current technological work force.

2.) Demonstrate mathematics skills related to structural drafting technology, including calculating with fractions, reading scales, converting customary to metric and metric to customary measurements, and solving higher-order mathematics problems.

3.) Identify structural steel shapes and properties.

4.) Identify structural steel drafting terms, symbols, and abbreviations.

5.) Identify welding symbols and annotations on structural steel detail and plan drawings.

6.) Explain dimensions and notations on structural steel fabrication drawings.

7.) Create structural steel framing drawings from an architectural sketch.

8.) Create structural steel detail connection drawings from an architectural sketch.

9.) Produce structural steel framing sections and elevations from an architectural sketch.

•  Demonstrating the application of standard architectural and engineering scales and dimensions to structural steel details
10.) Create a materials list of structural steel components taken from structural steel plans.

•  Calculating length, area, and weight from materials lists