Courses of Study

Architecture and Construction, Grade 9 - 12, Carpentry for Industrial Specialties, 2009

1.) Identify types and sizes of concrete aggregates.

•  Identifying special types of concrete and their uses
•  Identifying types of concrete reinforcement materials
2.) Produce volume estimates for concrete quantity requirements.

•  Determining concrete curing times, methods, and materials
3.) Identify various kinds of footings, including continuous, spread-stepped, pier, and grade beam.

4.) Describe components of footing forms and pier forms.

5.) Demonstrate the layout and construction of selected footing forms.

6.) Identify continuous-pier, pile-cap, and grade-beam footings.

7.) Identify types of concrete structures that require the construction of foundation edge forms.

•  Explaining the purpose of edge forms in foundations
8.) Demonstrate the construction and disassembly of slab-on-edge forms.

9.) Use grade information to set concrete screeds.

10.) Identify various types of concrete forms and their components.

11.) Demonstrate the construction, plumbing, and bracing of various concrete forms, including basic wall, ganged wall, radius wall, column, beam, shoring, and stair forms.

12.) Describe purposes of basic processes involved in placing reinforcing bars.

•  Identifying standardized bar bends according to the American Concrete Institute (ACI)
13.) Interpret reinforcement bar lists used in selecting concrete reinforcement systems.

14.) List types of ties used in securing concrete reinforcing bars.

15.) Use selected tools and equipment to cut, bend, and install reinforcing materials.

16.) Demonstrate the placement of reinforcement bars in walls, columns, beams, girders, joists, and slabs.

17.) Identify lapped and welded splices used for securing concrete reinforcement bars.

18.) Identify the purpose of various types of concrete joints.

19.) Recognize factors affecting the quality of concrete placement.

•  Demonstrating methods for concrete placement finishing procedures
20.) Identify equipment used to transport concrete.