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Architecture and Construction, Grade 9 - 12, Carpentry for Residential Interiors, 2009

1.) Compare various types of wall coverings used in interior residential carpentry.

2.) Use appropriate fastening systems for residential interior applications.

3.) Install single and multilayer wall coverings, using a variety of fastener types and installation methods.

4.) Install wall covering over wood and metal studs.

5.) Estimate materials needed for a specific wall covering installation project.

6.) Explain various degrees of drywall finishing recognized in the construction industry.

•  Describing materials used in drywall finishing, including compounds, joint reinforcing tapes, trim materials, textures, and coatings
•  Demonstrating the ability to finish a drywall with power and hand tools
7.) Demonstrate door installation procedures in various interior partitions.

8.) Demonstrate safe use of hand and power tools needed for installing interior doors.

9.) Identify various types of suspended ceilings.

•  Interpreting plans and shop drawings related to suspended ceiling layout
10.) Formulate a list of materials needed for constructing a suspended ceiling.

11.) Describe various types of interior moldings.

12.) Practice square and miter cuts used for molding installation.

13.) Demonstrate the fabrication of molding using coping joint cuts.

14.) Install interior door, window, base, and ceiling trim.

15.) Identify purposes of cabinet components and hardware.

16.) Demonstrate the installation of cabinet base and wall units.

17.) Install countertops, including plastic, laminate, tile, and granite.