Courses of Study

Architecture and Construction, Grade 9 - 12, Carpentry for Residential Exteriors, 2009

1.) Explain the purpose of wall insulation and flashing.

2.) Demonstrate the installation of selected common cornices.

3.) Demonstrate estimating methods for lap and panel siding.

4.) Demonstrate applications of wood siding, including grove, shiplap, board and batten, shake or shingle, plywood, hardwood, and particle board.

5.) Demonstrate the installation of fiber cement siding.

6.) Install selected types of vinyl or metal siding.

7.) Describe types and applications of stucco and masonry veneer finishes.

8.) Demonstrate the installation of selected types of metal or vinyl gutters, downspouts, and accessories.

9.) Identify materials and methods used in roofing.

•  Illustrating various roofing methods
10.) Explain safety requirements for roof applications.

11.) Demonstrate the installation of fiberglass shingles on gable and hip roofs.

12.) Demonstrate closing a valley using fiberglass shingles.

13.) Demonstrate procedures used to make roof projections watertight, including fiberglass shingles and wood shingles.

14.) Demonstrate the installation of the main and hip ridge caps using fiberglass shingles.

15.) Demonstrate the layout, cutting, and installation of a cricket or saddle.

16.) Install wood shingles and shakes on roofs.

17.) Describe how to close a valley using wood shingles and shakes.

18.) Demonstrate the installation of the main and hip ridge caps using wood shakes or shingles.

19.) Explain requirements for the installation of thermal and moisture protection materials.