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Architecture and Construction, Grade 9 - 12, Block Wall Construction, 2009

1.) Apply safety rules, regulations, and procedures for block wall construction.

2.) Interpret measurements, drawings, and specifications for block wall construction.

Examples: locating building lines, establishing benchmarks

3.) Demonstrate the ability to set up a job area for block wall construction.

4.) Demonstrate steps used to prepare for concrete footings.

5.) Construct block walls using running and stack bond materials in various block sizes and finishes.

Examples: sizes—4-, 6-, 8-, and 12-inch blocks

- finishes—broken face, smooth face

6.) Utilize various materials to bond doors and windows.

Examples: anchors, ties, expansion and control joints

7.) Utilize various formulas for mixing mortar.

•  Determining mixtures for hand-mixed mortar and for machine-mixed mortar
8.) Construct block corners using a variety of block sizes and finishes.

Examples: size—4- and 6-inch blocks

- finishes—broken face, smooth face

9.) Create a stretcher course of block for a block wall construction.

10.) Determine materials and supplies needed for a block wall construction project.