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Arts Education, Grade 6 - 12, Instrumental Music: Level IV, 2006

1.) Produce a characteristic tone in all registers at all dynamic ranges.

2.) Sight-read Grade IV literature.

•  Counting music in all meter signatures using a counting system
•  Performing music in all meter signatures
•  Performing music containing all dynamic markings
•  Performing music utilizing all articulations, including spiccato, sforzando, louré, and flautando for strings
3.) Perform all major scales, C harmonic minor, A melodic minor, and their related arpeggios, including two octaves for flute, clarinet, and strings.

4.) Demonstrate a combination of mature tone, good pitch center, and proper balance when performing as a member of a group.

5.) Demonstrate compositional skills by creating a sixteen-measure melody over a given accompaniment.

6.) Evaluate in written form a live performance with respect to tone, intonation, balance, technique, interpretation, musical effect, and stage deportment.

7.) Notate from aural dictation rhythms commonly found in triple meters.

8.) Demonstrate the construction of a natural minor scale using the whole step-half step pattern.

9.) Compose a harmonic accompaniment to a given melody using the I, IV, and V chords.

10.) Describe ways in which concepts of music relate to concepts in other disciplines.

Examples: relationship between ratios in music and ratios in mathematics, relationship between topics in patriotic music to topics in history

•  Comparing music of several cultures of the world
Example: comparing Russian folk music to American folk music