Courses of Study

Arts Education, Grade 6 - 12, Vocal Music: Level III, 2006

1.) Produce a consistent blended vocal sound individually in classroom and public performance groups.

•  Supporting tone with proper breath control for 16 beats
2.) Sight-sing four-part literature.

•  Identifying the chordal structure within a tonal key
•  Performing music containing all intervals in the diatonic scale
•  Counting rhythm patterns, including sixteenth notes, note values tied over the bar line, and compound meters
3.) Perform a varied repertoire of four-part literature, including selections in three languages.

•  Performing accurately literature that indicates tempo markings of adagio, vivace, and rallentando
•  Performing accurately literature that indicates dynamic markings of pianissimo and fortissimo
•  Performing accurately literature that uses the marking of marcato
•  Responding vocally to conductor cues indicating tempo changes
4.) Improvise harmonies to a diatonic melody.

5.) Determine the accuracy of balance and aesthetic interpretation in vocal ensemble performances.

6.) Write eight-beat rhythmic and melodic dictation.

7.) Demonstrate the use of musical elements in select genres and stylistic periods.

8.) Describe the relationship between music and society.

Example: using a choir to enhance worship services

9.) Identify all major key signatures.

10.) Identify whole- and half-step patterns in minor scales.