Courses of Study

Arts Education, Grade 6 - 12, Vocal Music: Level IV, 2006

1.) Demonstrate technical expertise in producing a characteristic vocal sound individually and in groups.

2.) Sight-sing fluently multipart literature.

•  Identifying key signatures in all major keys
•  Performing music that contains accidentals
•  Counting rhythm patterns, including syncopation, mixed meters, and irregular meters
•  Performing atonal music
3.) Produce mature tone quality, accurate pitch center, and proper balance while performing in a group, small ensemble, or as a soloist.

4.) Perform a varied repertoire of multipart literature, including selections in various languages.

•  Performing accurately tempo markings in the literature being performed
•  Performing accurately dynamic markings in the literature being performed
•  Performing accurately articulation markings in the literature being performed
•  Performing independently solo and ensemble literature
•  Responding vocally to conductor cues
5.) Improvise vocally in various musical styles.

Examples: jazz, blues, gospel

6.) Evaluate vocal performances to identify accuracy of tone and musical effect.

Example Image

8.) Evaluate audio recordings of personal large-group and ensemble performances or rehearsals to determine techniques utilized.

9.) Analyze American vocal music genres to identify their origin and development.

10.) Identify various careers in music.

Examples: performer, composer, arranger, sound engineer, music therapist, music educator

11.) Explain the relationship of major keys and key signatures by constructing the circle of fifths.

12.) Identify three forms of minor scales.