Courses of Study: Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Grade 9 - 12, Forestry Equipment, 2009

1.) Examine careers in sales and service of forestry equipment.

2.) Recognize the need for safety clothing and gear used in the forestry industry.

•  Identifying safe practices in the forestry mechanics industry
•  Describing the safe operation and maintenance of forestry equipment
3.) Compare uses of tree harvesting equipment.

Examples: skidder, loader, cutting machine, delimber

4.) Identify road and fire lane maintenance equipment.

Examples: bulldozer, road grader

5.) Demonstrate the use of forestry hand tools, including pruning saws, bow saws, loppers, and brush cutters.

6.) Identify sharpening techniques for chain saws, axes, pruners, and pole saws.

7.) Identify types of urban forestry equipment, including tree climbing equipment and tree moving equipment.

8.) Explain common techniques of chain saw maintenance.

•  Identifying major components of a chain saw
•  Differentiating types of chains used on a chain saw
9.) Identify systems that require inspection before engine operation.

10.) Describe preparation of forestry equipment for storage.

Examples: draining fluids, lubricating

11.) Describe uses of hydraulic systems in the forestry industry.

•  Identifying basic components of a simple hydraulic system
•  Comparing advantages and disadvantages of using a hydraulic system