Courses of Study: Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

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Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Grade 9 - 12, Veterinary Science, 2009

1.) Describe career opportunities available in veterinary science.

2.) Identify hazards in the veterinary workplace.

•  Explaining safety guidelines for handling veterinary drugs
3.) Identify the structure and function of female and male reproductive systems.

•  Evaluating the use of biotechnology in veterinary science
•  Identifying factors affecting an animal breeding program
Examples: heat cycle, gestation, artificial insemination, fertility

•  Evaluating functions of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
•  Explaining how genotype and phenotype differ
•  Describing inherited traits
4.) Compare growth abnormalities in mammals.

Example: dwarfism

•  Identifying treatments for correcting growth disorders
Example: hormone treatments

5.) Explain uses of anesthesiology for surgery and grooming.

6.) Differentiate among basic surgery procedures for selected animals.

Examples: cesarean, castration, spaying, nail and claw removal

7.) Describe common viral and bacterial diseases in animals.

•  Identifying internal and external parasites
•  Categorizing housing needs for animals
8.) Evaluate nutritional requirements for selected animals.

•  Describing structures and functions of the digestive system
•  Analyzing feed ingredients to determine nutritional value
9.) Evaluate the importance of balanced diets for animals.

•  Distinguishing nutritional requirements at various stages of animal development
10.) Differentiate restraint from control techniques for animals.

11.) Identify steps for maintaining accurate animal health records in the veterinary workplace.

12.) Identify techniques for enhancing customer relations in the veterinary workplace.

13.) Identify accepted practices in financial management in the veterinary workplace.

14.) Identify uses of technology in veterinary science.

Examples: genetic engineering, tracking devices, wireless fencing, ultrasound