Courses of Study: Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Grade 9 - 12, Greenhouse Production and Management, 2009

1.) Describe careers in the greenhouse production and management industry.

2.) Describe safety precautions related to the greenhouse production and management industry.

3.) Demonstrate propagation methods for greenhouse plants.

4.) Practice seed germination techniques in greenhouse operations.

5.) Adjust greenhouse growing media properties by adding amendments.

•  Adjusting the pH of greenhouse growing media
6.) Prepare growing media mixtures for greenhouse plants.

7.) Identify greenhouse plants by common name.

8.) Differentiate among environmental factors affecting greenhouse plant growth.

•  Controlling environmental conditions for plant growth in the greenhouse
Examples: temperature control, ventilation, watering

9.) Produce seasonal greenhouse crops.

Examples: winter—poinsettias

- spring—trumpet lilies

10.) Identify common greenhouse plant disorders.

Examples: root rot, insect damage, fungus

11.) Select types of fertilizer and methods of application used in greenhouse production.

12.) Apply pesticides to greenhouse crops.

•  Identifying safety and first aid precautions in greenhouse management
•  Using correct pesticides for intended target in greenhouse management
•  Disposing of containers and leftover pesticide mixtures according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards
13.) Select quality greenhouse plants for marketing.

14.) Demonstrate managerial skills for successfully operating a greenhouse business.

15.) Maintain greenhouse facilities.

16.) Maintain equipment used in greenhouse operations.