Courses of Study: Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

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Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Grade 9 - 12, Creative Floral Design, 2009

1.) Describe careers in creative floral design.

2.) Identify professional florist associations.

3.) Apply safety precautions involved in creative floral design.

4.) Demonstrate the use of design mechanics in creative floral designs.

Examples: wiring and taping techniques, interpreting progressive color theory, analyzing floral design forms

5.) Demonstrate design techniques used in creating contemporary arrangements, including basing, clustering, pillowing, layering, bundling, and wrapping.

6.) Design abstract and interpretive arrangements using both natural and man-made materials.

7.) Create period designs, including southwest, colonial, country, oriental, and European.

8.) Describe factors involved with balloon decorating.

•  Creating symmetrical and asymmetrical balloon designs
9.) Create tabletop floral arrangements for special events.

10.) Construct various specialty arrangements, including dish gardens, topiaries, jardinières, and pot-de-fleur.

11.) Demonstrate the ability to dry and preserve flowers and foliage.

•  Designing a dried flower arrangement
12.) Identify various types of permanent flowers.

Example: silk, plastic, paper

13.) Create window and in-store displays, including radiation, step, pyramid, and zigzag designs.

•  Critiquing window displays for visual balance, harmony, lighting, and aesthetics