Courses of Study: Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Grade 9 - 12, Floral Design and Interiorscaping, 2009

1.) Identify career opportunities in the floral industry.

2.) Practice safe usage of tools and supplies in floral design and interiorscaping.

3.) Create floral arrangements using basic line designs.

4.) Differentiate among flowers, foliages, and plants used in the floriculture industry.

•  Demonstrating procedures for handling foliage and flowers
5.) Identify common floral arrangements used in the floral design industry.

Examples: corsages, boutonnieres, bud vases, centerpiece arrangements

•  Demonstrating various floral construction techniques
Examples: wiring flowers, making bows

•  Preparing potted plants for sale
•  Calculating the cost of floral arrangements
Examples: ratio mark-up, variable ratio mark-up, percentage mark-up

6.) Compare effects of light, temperature, air, and water on plant growth in interiorscaping.

7.) Differentiate among drainage characteristics of various growing media.

8.) Describe disease and insect control methods used in interiorscaping.

9.) Compare major plant fertilizers used in interiorscaping.

•  Identifying symptoms of common nutritional disorders in plants
10.) Explain principles of interior landscape design.

Examples: use of line, form, texture, and color

•  Demonstrating dynamics of arranging plant materials in interior settings
Examples: balance, size, relationships of plants

11.) Design a maintenance schedule for interiorscape sites.

12.) Design interiorscapes for commercial clients.