Courses of Study: Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Grade 9 - 12, Agribusiness Technology, 2009

1.) Identify career and entrepreneurship opportunities in the field of agribusiness technology.

2.) Explain safety practices in agribusiness technology.

3.) Identify software used for agribusiness tasks, including accounting, production management, communications, and marketing.

•  Formulating business reports from spreadsheets
Examples: budget, payroll, cash flow statement, profit and loss analysis, balance sheet, inventory, production records

4.) Select a database for organizing agricultural data.

Examples: agricultural data—production records, budget records, market data

•  Explaining relationships among data fields, records, and files
•  Critiquing methods for searching databases to retrieve information
•  Identifying devices for storing and transferring data, including flash drives, portable media players, and personal digital assistants (PDAs)
5.) Utilize software to produce an agribusiness publication.

6.) Utilize software to create an agribusiness presentation.

7.) Describe telecommunication technology for agribusiness settings.

8.) Describe the advantages of computer networking in an agribusiness.

9.) Explain the history of the global positioning system (GPS) and the geographic information system (GIS).

10.) Explain ways GPS and GIS units are used in the agricultural industry.

11.) Describe ways GPS and GIS data is merged with agricultural production records.

12.) Explain ways electronic control systems are used in the agribusiness industry.

Examples: thermostat in poultry house, timer in greenhouse