Courses of Study: Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Grade 9 - 12, Agribusiness Management, 2009

1.) Identify career opportunities in agribusiness management.

•  Identifying employer expectations, work habits, and interpersonal skills necessary for careers in agribusiness management
2.) Describe occupational safety practices in agribusiness management.

3.) Describe agribusiness partnerships and corporations.

•  Describing agribusiness management techniques
Examples: planning, organizing, directing, coordinating

4.) Describe the law of supply and demand as related to the agricultural industry.

•  Evaluating the effects of monetary, fiscal, and international policies on the agricultural industry
5.) Describe various techniques for measuring the performance of an agribusiness.

6.) Differentiate among methods of depreciating capital goods.

Examples: straight line, sum of year digits

7.) Compare types of accounting systems used in agribusiness.

8.) Identify sources for obtaining agribusiness loans.

•  Describing procedures for obtaining an agribusiness loan
9.) Compare various market venues for agricultural products.

10.) Explain ways the law of comparative advantage affects the agribusiness industry.

11.) Identify ways technology is used in agribusiness marketing.

Examples: Web sites, mass e-mail, Web page advertising

12.) Explain the impact of government policies and regulations on agribusiness management decisions.

•  Examining benefits of participating in government programs that supplement agricultural production
13.) Explain strategies for marketing agricultural products and services.

14.) Design an agribusiness entrepreneurial plan, including management and marketing strategies.