Courses of Study: Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication

Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication, Grade 9 - 12, Camera, Image Assembly, and Platemaking, 2009

1.) Demonstrate techniques for operating a camera to produce high quality line and halftone images.

•  Applying safety considerations in camera, image assembly, and platemaking
•  Demonstrating darkroom layout, use of developing solutions, film usage and characteristics, and darkroom printing
2.) Construct various sizes of flats from layout to completion.

•  Utilizing tools and equipment correctly to establish true edge and layout guidelines
•  Applying printing processes, including stripping; work and turn; work and tumble; step and repeat; multiple-page signatures; and tints, halftones, and multiple colors
•  Demonstrating the ability to proofread and make corrections during prepress operations
3.) Use various platemakers, including photo direct and direct transfer.

4.) Describe components of plates and platemaking, including materials, types, chemicals, methods, and procedures.

5.) Demonstrate step scale, rubdown test, additions, deletions, and corrections for metal plate preparation.