Courses of Study: Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication

Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication, Grade 9 - 12, Studio and Portfolio, 2009

1.) Apply personal and shop safety rules, regulations, and procedures for producing, collecting, storing, and presenting visual data files.

2.) Create advertising design campaigns.

•  Solving advanced design problems
Examples: book jacket cover, product advertisement for a magazine

3.) Design corporate identities, including logo development, annual report design, and signage.

4.) Organize a portfolio of professional quality works of graphic designs.

•  Preparing graphic designs for exhibit and display
Examples: matting, mounting, shrink-wrapping

•  Utilizing the digital camera to record and prepare works of graphic designs for presentations
•  Organizing an electronic portfolio
5.) Organize an exhibition, including publicizing and composing an exhibition statement.

Examples: invitation, register, e-vite, menu, thumbnail sheet