Courses of Study: Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication

Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication, Grade 9 - 12, Animation Layout, 2009

1.) Apply laboratory safety rules, regulations, and procedures for animation layout.

2.) Identify occupations in animation layout.

3.) Describe training and responsibilities for occupations in animation layout.

4.) Apply artistic processes and skills using a variety of media to communicate meaning and intent in original layouts.

•  Researching information about natural environmental settings to create believable background drawings
•  Creating layouts that use visual elements and design principles to communicate ideas in animation
5.) Solve visual layout problems using principles of design and elements of art to produce visual works of layout and focal points that communicate a variety of ideas, themes, and emotions

•  Utilizing design principles to effectively convey intentions in a work of art
6.) Use screen site formats for specific layouts in animation.

7.) Solve design problems in animation visual layout using research, thumbnails, and roughs

8.) Use technology for problem solving, critical thinking, and informed decision making in animation layout.

9.) Use a variety of visual media and formats to critique layouts for animation, including producing layout roughs for conceptual designs that appropriately communicate ideas and creating plane view models for appropriate stage direction.