Courses of Study: Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication

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Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication, Grade 9 - 12, Animation Character Development and Design, 2009

1.) Apply laboratory safety rules, regulations, and procedures for character development and design.

2.) Create an education plan for a career in character design that includes postsecondary and apprenticeship requirements.

3.) Describe training and responsibilities for various occupations in character design.

4.) Develop designs that use organizational principles and functions to communicate a story or ideas.

•  Analyzing a story or story idea for clarity and entertainment
•  Researching personality types for animated characters
•  Researching animal behaviors and characteristics for character development
•  Identifying design elements for various character personalities
•  Applying appropriate archetypes and stereotypes to communicate a story or idea
5.) Solve visual arts problems through a diverse range of media, techniques, and processes.

•  Researching the anatomy of humans and animals for character design
•  Applying canons of proportions to produce character designs with anatomical accuracy
•  Applying rules of perspective to produce solid character designs
•  Using design elements to communicate personality of characters
6.) Create costumes employing a diverse range of media, techniques, and processes to communicate an idea or story.

•  Researching characteristics and purposes of a variety of interrelated historical and cultural backgrounds for authenticity of costumes
•  Identifying costume designs based on literary, cultural, and historical backgrounds
7.) Use a variety of media and formats to collaborate and interact with peers, experts, and other audiences.

•  Producing inspirational sketches for conceptual designs that communicate ideas
•  Producing turnaround model sheets and gesture expression sheets for critique